Monday, October 11, 2010

I am the only Mayoral Candidate calling for tax cuts. My plan, a 3% tax cut will cut about $3.5 million of fat, waste, and inefficiency out of city hall spending yearly at a slow enough rate that adjustments can take place without service cuts. City Hall rakes in about $115 million from residential taxes and it will be very doable cutting $3.5 million from their total tax take. Easy! It’d be like finding a $3.50 savings out of every $115 dollars in your pocket. And we’d have these regular 3% cuts until our taxes reach the levels of our neighbours. If they can have lower rates, why can’t we?

My 3% tax cutting plan is straightforward and simple to implement and is a “policy decision” which is within the purview of elected officials. I’d simply say to the managers, “You had “X” dollars last year. You have 3% less this year. .You have to cut 3 cents out of every dollar you spent last year. Cut out the fat and waste, improve efficiencies of city hall, and make sure there are no service cuts This plan would save taxpayers about $3.5 million annually at the present assessment rates and is a small enough adjustment for changes to take place. The biggest change, however, will be in the mindset of officials who will start to concentrate on real needs and just not on wants.
I also have plans to reduce our Industrial/Commercial Tax Rates to make us competitive with our neighbours and keep any spin-off jobs and tax assessments from the UOIT spawned industries right here in Oshawa.  Presently an industrialist would save over $200,000 annually by building a $25M plant just across the townline in Whitby.  We have to reduce our Industrial/Commercial tax rates to stop the siphoning of our jobs, assessments which provide residential tax relief, and investment in this city to neighbouring municipalities.